Cleveland Indians Pitcher Donates His Arbitration Windfall to Charities

Major League Baseball players and their teams often have trouble agreeing on salary. Sometimes the matter goes to arbitration.

Both sides present their case and an arbitrator deliberates. A binding decision is then made that determines the player’s salary for the upcoming season.

Sometimes this arbitration process works in favor of the player. Other times it works in favor of management.

Either way, the issue is settled. Both the player and team have to live with the result.

Bauer to Choose Among Charities

But there was a twist in one recent arbitration case.

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer received a higher salary than he anticipated.

He didn’t celebrate by buying himself a new car. Instead, Bauer decided to donate the difference. He’s giving away the amount over what he expected.

His financial gift will go to a wide variety of charities. And he’s taking recommendations from people of what charities to use on his website.

He’ll Donate Nearly $100,000 Total

Here’s how Bauer’s program will work:

Every day for over two months, he will be selecting a charity from the ones visitors to his site have nominated. And he’ll be donating hundreds of dollars each day.

On the last day of the program, he will donate tens of thousands of dollars to a charity of his choice.

His total donation will be $98,027.61.

Passionate About Charities

On his site, Bauer writes, “Over more than two months, I will donate approximately $100,000 to 68 different charities. Charities that I am passionate about, charities that teammates and friends are passionate about, and charities that you are passionate about!

“I hope to provide a forum for all fans to share the causes they care most deeply about and to raise as much awareness as possible for them.”

Bauer asks people to submit the name of their charity. As well as its website and a brief description of why they’re passionate about it.

The URL must contain a place to donate for a charity to be considered for Bauer’s program.

Service Men and Women Among Recipients

Among the charities Bauer supports are:

  • Lone Survivor Foundation, which restores, empowers and renews hope for wounded service members and their families.
  • Carrasco Foundation Venezuela, which creates an environment offering every child a strong foundation for life-long success.
  • Habitat for Humanity, which builds strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.
  • Velosano, the main cancer research fundraising vehicle for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
  • Rec2Connect Foundation, which enhances and enriches the lives of individuals with special needs in recreation, leisure and sport.
  • PTSD Foundation of America, which provides hope and healing for the unseen wounds of war.
  • Project DNA, which aims to screen, identify and enable physicians to take proactive responsibility for patients with heredity cancer syndromes.

Bauer’s Interests Include Flying Drones

Bauer is a ballplayer who marches to the beat of a different drummer. His unusual workout regimen includes throwing a baseball up to 400 feet in distance.

He is known for his candid self-assessments and hobbies that include collecting and flying drones.

He has posted slow-motion YouTube videos demonstrating his pitching mechanics and repertoire.

His metal and rap musical tastes include bands such as All That Remains, Disturbed and Eminem.

Winning on and off the Field

When he’s out on the pitcher’s mound, Bauer is strictly business.

He was the third overall selection in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft. Bauer had been a star pitcher at UCLA, where he won several national collegiate awards.

During the 2016 season, the right-hander posted a 12-8 record with a 4.26 earned run average. He helped the Indians advance to the World Series.

The following year, he won 17 games with a 4.19 ERA and placed seventh in the American League with 196 strikeouts. Cleveland qualified for the postseason for the second consecutive year in 2017.

We Can Pitch In, Too

Maybe next time one of us ends up with a few more dollars in our pocket than we assumed we’d receive, we should stop and think. Might be a good opportunity to follow suit and look for a charitable way to spend them?

You can’t go wrong with charities that benefit current and former U.S. military members. As well as their families.

Of course, there are many other worthy charities as well.

The key is to share the wealth with those who need it most.

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