A Clear Winner in the Greens Blind Taste Test

For as long as advertising has existed, businesses have been telling people their products are the best.

That makes sense. Companies aren’t going to sell a lot of products if they tell potential customers their products are “OK,” or “average” or even “second best.”

But with every company claiming its products are the best, how do you know whom to believe?

You could purchase every product out there and decide for yourself, but that could get pretty expensive. A simpler and more cost-effective way to determine what’s best is by listening to what other people say.

Top 3 Greens Products Square Off

And that’s why we at the Patriot Health Alliance decided to conduct a blind taste test recently. We believe our Patriot Power Greens taste better than the competition’s, but what do random people on the street think?

It’s a little risky conducting this type of test. You never know what someone will say. But we were confident people would respond to our Patriot Power Greens the same way we do.

We conducted this test in Nashville, Tennessee, where we are based. We acquired top-selling greens products from two competitors and decided to let the people choose.

Here’s how it went down.

Tasters Not Impressed with Competitors’ Greens

Three women and two men took a blind taste test involving the top three greens products, each of which has similar ingredients.

Among the comments regarding the first two they tasted were…

“Smells like earth and grass. And tastes like it, too.”

“Kind of grainy. Not a lot of taste to it.”

“Kind of bitter.”

“Not appealing to me.”

“Very watery.”

“Really strong taste of the greens… that’s not my favorite.”

Patriot Power Greens Gets Rave Reviews

Now for the comments about the third choice, which was Patriot Power Greens.

“This is my clear favorite.”

“It’s a whole lot better.”

“It smells great. Smells like Kool-Aid.”

“I could drink this.”

“I would drink it every morning.”

“It’s so much better than the others.”

One of the taste testers was asked what it would mean for her life if she were to drink Patriot Power Greens daily.

“I probably don’t always eat right, so this would help me get the vitamins and minerals I need every day. Plus the fact that it fights fatigue… that’s fantastic.”

Fruits and Veggies Fight Inflammation

Many people over the age of 50 believe that aches and pains “come with the territory.”

But according to Dr. Lane Sebring, a medical doctor and board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, it doesn’t have to be that way.

He says that health problems including joint pain, back pain, fatigue, age-related memory decline and other issues might seem to be different. But they’re actually all triggered by the same condition: inflammation.

Sebring says there are a specific group of alkaline-rich fruits and vegetables that can neutralize acid in your body and promote healthy inflammation levels.

Patriot Power Greens… The One-Stop Solution

Of course, it takes a lot of work and plenty of money to gather all those fruits and vegetables. No wonder most people don’t eat the recommended amount.

But Patriot Power Greens gathers 40 different fruits and vegetables and places them in a single delicious drink. Also included are 10 probiotic strains and six digestive enzymes in each serving.

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