Cheap Stuff You’ll Need in a Crisis

If you knew that the price of toilet paper or soap or zip-top bags was about to rise dramatically, wouldn’t you stock up on that item as soon as possible? Not for the purpose of trying to sell it later for a profit, but rather so you’d be able to acquire it at a reasonable price now rather than being forced to pay a much higher price for it in the future.

Well, there are a number of items priced relatively cheaply now that are bound to experience shortages following a crisis. And that means they will be in great demand and be priced much higher than they are now. Stocking up on some of these items now and keeping them for an emergency will save you plenty of money later.

So, in addition to toilet paper, soap and zip-top bags, what types of items should you purchase now at affordable prices that are likely to cost a lot more after the SHTF? Let’s take a look at 13 of them, in no particular order:

  • Seeds. Everybody who can do it will grow a garden following a disaster because it’s the one thing that can produce fresh food year after year.
  • Baking Soda. This multi-purpose item will come in handy for cleaning and deodorizing, not to mention baking.
  • Salt. Another item you can use for a number of purposes, salt will make your food taste better, will make ice melt and will keep some pests away from your campsite.
  • Cotton Balls. Treating wounds will be important in a crisis. You can also use cotton balls to clean and to protect your inner ears in the cold.
  • Candles. It’s a safe assumption that the electrical grid will be down following a disaster. Candles will help you prolong the life of batteries you need for your flashlights.
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste. Keeping your teeth in good shape will be even more important when dentists might not be available than it is now.
  • Toilet Paper. There’s not a whole lot I need to say about TP. This stuff will be worth its weight in gold when store shelves are empty and the supply chain breaks down.
  • Duct Tape. Books have been written on the many uses of duct tape, and people who have plenty of it following a crisis will be very popular.
  • Aluminum Foil. Like duct tape, this item has a ton of different uses that will come in handy, including for cooking and cleaning.
  • Bandages. There will be many minor injuries during a crisis, and bandages could help prevent them from becoming major injuries due to infection.
  • Sunscreen. You’re probably going to have to spend a lot of time outdoors following a disaster and you don’t want to deal with sunburn.
  • Chap Stick. Yet another multi-purpose item that will rise in value during a crisis, chap stick will protect your lips and skin, as well as clean your glasses.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco. Even if you don’t smoke or drink, these will make for great bartering items.


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