Is your cellphone giving you cancer?

Do cellphones cause cancer? Everywhere you look these days, people have cellphones up against their ears, so let’s hope not. But some folks worry that too much radiation is entering peoples’ bodies through cellphones, especially because of how much time these phones spend pressed against people’s heads.

The government, which regulates this situation (what don’t they regulate?), decided that the maximum amount of radiation that can come from a cellphone sold in this country is 1.6 watts per kilogram of flesh. I don’t know how they tested that, but if the government is making this kind of decision, it’s a safe bet that it’s wrong in one way or another.

Cellphones emit radiofrequency energy, which can be absorbed by the tissue that is closest to where the phone is held. Some of the other factors that determine the amount of radiation cellphone users receive are how well the phone is built, how often it’s used and how far the phone user is from cellphone towers.

Cellphone usage in the U.S. nearly tripled over a 10-year period. There were 110 million cellphone users in 2000 and 303 million in 2010, which means that this possible cancer link should be thoroughly checked out. Many studies have been done on cellphone usage and cancer risk, but the findings are inconsistent.

A recent study shows that three of the five worst cellphones for radiation emissions are made by Motorola. The worst two are the Motorola Droid Maxx and the Motorola Droid Ultra. Both emit 1.54 watts per kilogram of flesh, just barely under the legal limit. The other three cellphones in the “five worst” category are the Motorola Moto E, the Alcatel One Touch Evolve and the Huawei Vitria. Just thought you should know in case you own one of them.

One last thing about cellphones, and this is for the ladies. They are now making purses that double as cellphone chargers. There are cables inside the purse, so you can actually be charging your cellphone while you’re at work or as you walk around doing errands. Among these purses are the small Mighty Purse ($100), the medium-sized Everpurse ($130) and the larger emPowered Bag ($150).

Maybe these purses should come with a warning about holding the purse up against your head for too long, right?

Do you ever think about radiation when you’re using your cellphone? Do you try to limit the amount of time you spend on cellphone calls because of that? Hope to hear from you about this.


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