Can’t Start a Fire Without a… 9-Volt Battery and Steel Wool?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And there’s more than one way to start a fire when you really need one.
Just ask Kevin, who shows us one way to do it in the backyard of his Nashville home.



“This method is not something you’d do if you were dropped off in the middle of the wilderness, but rather if you’re home and you lose power, but you have access to other modern conveniences,” Kevin said.

Actually, all you need in the way of modern conveniences are a 9-volt battery, some steel wool and some lint from your dryer.

“The nice thing about steel wool is that it can get wet and still perform if you need to start a fire, unlike matches and tinder,” Kevin said.

“This method of starting a fire is a way around the moisture, humidity or whatever else that gets in the way of you starting a fire.

“First, get lint from your dryer. I keep a bunch of it around. It’s a great fire starter.

“You want to fluff up the steel wool a little bit. Get some air into it. Then touch it all over with the positive and negative terminals of your 9-volt battery to spark a fire.

“You’ll start to get sparks right away, so just keeping touching it against the steel wool in many places, then add the lint as tinder and blow on it softly. In no time you’ll have a fire going.”

Of course, that particular fire is going to be pretty small and may not meet your needs. Not to worry, says Kevin.

“Now, to make a bigger fire, you want to find some dead trees. Particularly pine trees. The bottom one-half or one-third of these trees is covered in dead branches, and you can pull them down by rope or hand. Then, hold the steel wool against them until they catch fire.”

OK, this sounds good, and it’s nice to know you can start a fire without a lighter or matches. But what if you’re in an emergency situation and don’t have a charged 9-volt battery?

“Well, I use the 4Patriots solar powered generator to charge my batteries,” Kevin said. “But if you don’t have a battery and do have matches, you can protect them from moisture by dipping them match-head first into a cup of melted wax.”

Good info. Thanks, Kevin.

And if you’re interested, here’s the link to the generator that Kevin mentions in the video. You can learn more about it here.



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