Can I use Power4Patriots if I’m a older person / single woman / or not very handy?

Video #6 from the Top 10 Questions From Customers Considering or Implementing Power4Patriots

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Allen:  Alright, let’s move to question number 6 and we do get this from a variety of folks who are considering Power4Patriots. So the question is, I’m an older person or a single woman or not very handy (those seem to be the 3 most frequent folks who are asking us this question) and they are wondering, hey, can I actually build this as it’s laid out in Power4Patriots?

Kriss:  I think they absolutely can. Everything in life is about effort and I know a lot of people–we taught 5th graders to assemble solar panels and there were some 5th graders who were extremely proficient at it and there were some 5th graders who didn’t want anything to do with it. And really the difference was, nobody knew anything about it when we started the class but at the end of it – it was really the kids who worked the hardest on it and who had the desire to learn about it. So anybody can do this ,you just have to go through the materials, watch the video and you may have to mess up a couple of solar cells, you’re probably going to break a couple, you’re probably going to make a mess out a little bit solder but I don’t think there’s anything too complicated about this, when you kind of take it one step at a time.

Allen:  Okay.

Kriss:  And my wife and I just got back from Trinidad a few days ago and we were teaching some of the folks there about solar power. And they had no idea about how solar works or anything and just after 2 days they were extremely proficient, at connecting the system and even troubleshooting the system. I didn’t think we’d get that far in 2 days and by the end of it they could tell me what was wrong with the system, it was connected wrong or that there was just an issue with some of the wires, which happened to be, so. I think anybody can do this. It’s just about what are, you going get out what you putting in. so if you put full of the effort and take the time to learn, anybody can do it.

Allen:  Whoa, that’s impressive. So you’ve taught 5th graders how to assemble and build a solar system?

Kriss:  Yes, and we’ve actually had them connect solar panels and build little model houses with solar, passive solar and panels of the wind and everything on it.

Allen:  Whoa.

Kriss:  You know, if you enjoy this type of stuff, then I think you are going to have a great time with it and learn a ton, absolutely I would say anybody can do it.

Allen:  Okay. That’s great. We’ve also heard from some customers who admit they are, you know that they have 5 thumbs [laughs] and that they have been able to get either relatives or handy men to help them with the project. And that’s excellent, that’s a great way to go. And another option of course is, if you decide to go that way, is to get a professional to help you as well, if you’re going that level. so…

Kriss:  Excellent.

Allen:  It’s a great answer.


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