What Can Your Generator Power?

Electronic Appliances and Devices You Can Run with the Patriot Power Generator 1500

Now that you have your Patriot Power Generator 1500, it’s very possible you are asking the most common question that people have about this portable generator. What can it power?

The answer is: pretty much everything. If you can plug it into the wall, you can plug it into the generator.

Now, there are some exceptions, of course. For example, a very old air conditioner with a high surge capacity cannot be run on the Patriot Power Generator 1500. But other than that, you’re pretty much good to go.

There are a couple of ways to determine whether the appliance or device you have in mind can be powered by the generator. So, here’s what you do:

  • Find the label on the electronic appliance or device.
  • Determine the amount of amps or watts it will run.
  • Anything under 13.5 amps or 1,500 watts, the generator will run with no problem.

There are two AC outputs on the generator, but that doesn’t mean you can only power two items at a time. By using a power strip, you can power multiple items simultaneously.

You just have to stay under a total of 1,500 watts. A lighted screen will tell you how much you’re using, which is a big help.

  • Plug your power strip into one of the two AC outputs.
  • Flip the switch above those outputs and a green light will come on.
  • Turn on the power strip switch.
  • Assuming it’s dark in your home, first plug in a light.
  • If it’s cold, you may choose a portable heater to plug in next. If it’s warm, a fan might be better.

Hopefully, your cellphone is fully charged when the power goes out. But if it’s drained, here’s what to do:

  • Flip the switch next to the USB plugs on the generator and a green light will come on. The top two USB plugs are 1 amp, while the bottom two are 2 amps.
  • Plug in your phone charger. That’s it.

For items that require more wattage, such as hair dryers, you might need to temporarily unplug some items that you are currently powering. Again, check the screen to make sure you’re not going over 1,500 watts.

Now, what about more “serious” equipment, including a CPAP machine? Yes, the generator will power it as well. In fact, you can get a few days’ worth of usage out of one generator charge.

And how about a much larger appliance, such as an oxygen generator? Yes, your emergency generator will run it, as well as the CPAP machine, at the same time.

Of course, the more wattage your generator is running, the more quickly it will drain. So, the key is to have your solar panels supplying power to your generator whenever possible. If you anticipate needing plenty of power during a blackout, it would be advantageous to you to invest in two additional solar panels.

The Patriot Power Generator will also run larger items such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer… even your furnace. Again, always check the number of amps or watts an appliance or device requires, and compare it to your generator’s capabilities. As we’ve said, those capabilities are 13.5 amps and 1,500 watts.

You can even run your ham radio by plugging it into the 12-volt Anderson Powerpole plug.

One more thing… Remember to keep your generator in a place where you can find it easily, even in the dark. That may be what you experience during a power outage and you don’t want to go fumbling around looking for the thing you need the most in that situation.

Happy powering!

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Reviews

How about this review from Kent?

“I have to use a CPAP machine because I stop breathing when I am asleep. This is a very serious medical problem that was getting worse and I could not camp anymore. But with the power generator, I can camp with my grandchildren.”

Let’s check out what Andrew says about the Patriot Power Generator 1500:

“I use it for portable power in the backyard or away from home. Charges up quickly. Price competitive in the marketplace. A great purchase… A winner.”

And here’s this from Mary:

“I am very glad I got the generator. We have tested it and it works just fine.”

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