The bottle makes the difference when it comes to water

People take water bottles just about everywhere they go these days. On walks and jogs and runs. To the park, to the gym and to the grocery store. In the car, on the train and on the plane. It’s almost as common to see someone carrying a water bottle as it is a cellphone.

But have you noticed how these water bottles have changed through the years? For a while there, everybody was carrying glass bottles. They’re probably the best container to drink water from because they’re clean and they don’t change the taste of your water. The problem is, they’re heavy and breakable.

So, they were replaced by plastic water bottles. Much lighter and non-breakable, they seemed to be a great solution. Until, that is, someone figured out that the BPA used to strengthen the plastic can cause illnesses when the materials leak into the water.

Now, the answer seems to be aluminum and stainless steel water bottles. They are lighter than glass, they don’t break or bend or warp like plastic, and they are BPA-free. They also keep cold beverages cold and warm beverages warm for longer periods of time than glass and plastic bottles do.

As with everything else that becomes popular, all of a sudden there are many choices when it comes to stainless steel and aluminum water bottles. Many people don’t know which ones are better than others.

In a review of these types of water bottles by Outside magazine, the Klean Kanteen 27-ounce Classic Bottle with Sport Cap was praised for its price ($20) and how slim it is, while the Hydro Flask 32-ounce Insulated Bottle was cheered for its size, wide mouth and light weight.

They also liked the Sigg 1-liter SIGGnificant Bottle for its lack of leakage and the fact that its lid connects to a straw, and the 20-ounce The Square Bottle for how easy it is to clean and the fact that it doesn’t roll. Finally, they recommended the Vargo 22-ounce Titanium Bottle with Titanium Lid for durability and its light weight, as well as the MiiR 64-ounce Growler for its size and bomb-proof powder coating.

Have you ever tried using an aluminum or stainless steel water bottle? If so, how did it work for you, compared to plastic or glass?


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