America’s foreign policy has enemies laughing

I spend plenty of time letting you know all of the things President Obama is doing wrong here at home. Well, not ALL of the things. You and I don’t have time for that. But a lot them. As we all know, Obama’s domestic policy mistakes are making life miserable for us Americans.

I think it’s about time we recap some of the things he’s doing wrong overseas.
These foreign policy mistakes are putting America in a bad light internationally and making people in other nations wonder whatever happened to the United States of America they used to be able to count on.

Let’s take a quick look at how this inexperienced community organizer and fundraiser is messing things up for us and our allies, and playing right into the hands of our enemies.

Iraq – Regardless of how you feel about our invasion of this country under the command of George W. Bush, it’s obvious that their government and their army were not ready for us to leave. The terrorists known as ISIS are now overrunning the country and trying to turn it into an Islamic state. Meanwhile, our president does nothing about it. America looks powerless.

Iran – Obama keeps giving this country more time to negotiate a nuclear agreement. Let me rephrase that. Obama is PAYING them to extend deadlines for negotiations, as in BRIBING them. He’s doing exactly what they want him to do, which gives them more time to develop their nuclear weapons. America looks powerless, not to mention stupid.

Russia – Vladimir Putin has turned Obama into his (female dog) with his bullying of the Ukraine and his breaking of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. He laughs at Obama’s toothless sanctions. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both stood up to this country’s leaders and they backed down. Not Obama. He does nothing about this and America looks powerless.

Afghanistan – We recently learned that we cannot account for three-fourths of the weapons we put into the hands of Afghans to fight against the Taliban. The Taliban is making great strides in this country again. You do the math. Meanwhile, Obama does nothing about this situation and America looks powerless.

Libya – We’ve closed our embassy there. Why? Because we can’t provide security for it. Why can’t we provide security for it? Because it’s a low priority for Obama, who sat back and watched as four Americans who had begged for support from the nation they represented were brutally murdered in Benghazi. And now Obama is too busy depleting our military of manpower to do anything about Libya. A recent bipartisan report by a panel of defense experts says the U.S. faces “high risk” in the world unless changes are made. America looks powerless again.

I’ve called Obama’s endless series of foreign missteps “mistakes.” The only thing that would be scarier than a bumbling president is someone who’s doing everything intentionally with a master plan in mind.

Which one do you think is the real Obama?


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