Is Amazon Deleting Negative Reviews for Hillary Clinton’s New Book?

Have you read Hillary Clinton’s new book? The one titled, What Happened?

Me neither. And I don’t plan to.

But I have read some of the reader reviews of the book on At least the ones I could see.

Amazon is being accused of removing some of the negative reviews of the book. Not because the reviews contain obscenities or anything like that. Just because they are negative.

If it’s true, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. The Amazon CEO also owns the Washington Post. That newspaper leans so far to the left I’m surprised it hasn’t toppled over yet.

Readers Not on Same Page as Clinton

Some of the negative comments I saw on Amazon about Clinton’s book are below. Including several written by those who said they voted for her.

  • “A good 75 percent of the book has nothing to do with ‘what happened.’ Most of the book is HRC telling about her political career, her wonderful family, her mother, her wonderful life with Bill…”
  • “HRC skims over her failure to deliver a simple, inspirational vision for America as Trump did for his supporters.”
  • “What happened to the negative reviews? Looks like Amazon is censoring. I read this book. A curiosity, but lacking true substance and introspection.”
  • “Perhaps the biggest problem I have with the book is that I believe that the title is misleading. Although Clinton does attempt in the book to explain why she lost the election, in the end, she really seems to have no idea.”
  • “For the average Joe in the heartland, Hillary Clinton came across as basically saying, ‘I know better than you what you need, and I am going to force it upon you whether you like it or not.’”
  • “A good editor would have gone a long way on this project. Either cutting it by two-thirds of trite, yawn-inducing drivel, or by passing on the book altogether.”
  • “I put a review on this site yesterday. It was a negative review, not nasty, but negative, and I bought the book from Amazon. It was deleted.”
  • “This book is exactly what we all expected, full of anger and bitterness and no actual remorse or even the hint of personal responsibility.”
  • “It’s the same tired list of excuses why Hillary lost. Nothing new that we haven’t heard from her and her minions before.”

More 1-Star Than 5-Star Reviews

Of course, there are some positive reviews as well. But as I write this email, 54 percent of the reviewers have given the book only one star (the lowest possible rating). Forty-two percent gave it five stars (the highest possible rating).

In fact, I just pulled up the book on The first eight reviews I saw were ones that gave the book one star.

Among those reviews were these comments:

  • “I have a table with a short leg. This worked perfectly.”
  • “This is the best science fiction book I have read in years.”
  • “A sad, delusional, badly written hallucination.”
  • “Terrible book of lies.”
  • “What happened is she cannot take responsibility for many of her own actions and blames her failure on sexism.”

Wow. I hate to think what was written in the reviews that might have been deleted.

What Happened? Hillary Lost, That’s What Happened!

I won’t read this book for one simple reason: I don’t need Hillary Clinton to tell me what happened.

This is what happens when you don’t listen to what Americans are saying. And when you assume you are going to win the election. It’s a recipe for disaster.

But I definitely would like to hear what you think happened. If you’d like to leave a comment, please do so below.


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