5 Common Myths About Freeze-Dried Foods

I’m guessing you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Most mortgage lenders require the first. Many apartment owners insist on the second.

You probably also have health insurance. And automobile insurance. Maybe you have a life insurance policy. And possibly other insurance policies for some of your valuables.

We spend time and money making sure we’re covered if something goes wrong. Such as sickness or injury, accidents, fires and floods, theft, and even death.

So why not “food insurance?”

Freeze-dried food is the best option for long-term survival.

However, many people are skeptical on freeze-dried foods. There are myths surrounding it’s production in that it loses nutritional value, it’s expensive, it doesn’t taste good… the list goes on.

That’s why I’ve collected a list of the most common freeze-dried food myths to debunk and show you why freeze-dried foods are the BEST foods for survival.

Myth #1: Canned food is the way to go

Having canned foods in a pantry is not a bad idea. But shelf lives probably fall well short of what you and your family may end up needing.

Freeze-dried foods however lasts a much longer time. And will taste as fresh in many years as it would today.

When it’s stored properly, freeze-dried food can stay good for up to 25 years. That means keeping it in a cool, dry place where air and rodents can’t get to it.

Myth #2: Freeze-dried food tastes bad & lose nutritional value

Unlike canned food that can lose its taste and nutritional value over time, freeze-dried food tastes as good and fresh as the day its packaged.

How does this process work you may ask? Well, left on its own, natural food has moisture in it. It’s what helps it taste good, for one thing. But that moisture also makes it vulnerable over time to microorganisms that can cause spoilage.

When food is frozen, microorganisms can’t grow. Freeze-drying food removes almost all the moisture.

Once food is freeze-dried, it’s simply a matter of packaging it properly in airtight bags. Such as Mylar bags. And then storing it where it can’t be contaminated by the elements.

This process also helps freeze-dried foods retain their nutritional value better than canned foods. Without chemicals.

Myth #3: Freeze-dried meats doesn’t break down well in the body

Some people have concerns about freeze-dried meat. Such as how it might affect their digestive systems.

But freeze-dried food is usually more easily digested than canned food due to it containing no additives nor preservatives.

Myth #4: Freeze-dried foods are expensive.

Often people worry about the cost of freeze-dried foods. Now, the prices of freeze-dried foods might seem higher because they are often sold in bulk. But when you do the math, you’ll realize you’re saving money by purchasing freeze-dried foods.

Myth #5: Your options are limited

When many people hear “freeze-dried,” they first think of fruits and vegetables. And those are certainly items you should stockpile.

But freeze-dried meat can also give you plenty of nutrition, including much-needed protein, minerals and other nutrients.

Why is this important? For one thing, if a crisis goes on for more than a few days, you’re going to want to eat something other than fruits and vegetables.

For another, the stress you will feel during an emergency situation will raise your cortisol levels. That means potential muscle loss. Maintaining strength will be a must in a crisis. Meat will be key in your diet.

Meat Twin Pack solution

If you decide to add freeze-dried meat to your supplies, there are a couple of ways you can do it.

You can purchase your own food dryer and freeze-dry your meat. That will be expensive and time-consuming, but it is possible if you have both time and money.

Another option is a made-for-you solution. Such as 4Patriots Freeze-Dried Meat Twin Pack. Featuring both beef and chicken, it will provide you with all the taste and nutrition you can get from your local butcher.

You’ll get real, lean cuts of stick-to-your-ribs chicken and beef. In addition to great taste, you’ll receive zinc, iron and plenty of B vitamins.

Keep your edge

Protein is the “building block” of healthy cells, and you’ll get plenty of it from our Freeze-Dried Meat Twin Pack.

The iron you receive from meat also helps stave off conditions including anemia, which can cause weakness and fatigue. Those are two things you definitely don’t want slowing you down in a crisis.

Freeze-dried meat will also help boost your immune system. The last thing you need is getting sick in an emergency situation.

In addition, meat will help you feel full. Meat will provide steady energy and help you keep your mental focus sharp.

Take a look at our Meat Twin Pack yourself here


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